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What Makes Independent Insurance Agencies Different?

If you contact individual insurance companies for pricing, you can get multiple quotes, but this can be incredibly time consuming. You’ll also want to compare the policies, weighing the pros and cons of all your varied pricing options and the associated benefits in coverage. In addition, individual companies are far from “unbiased” as they naturally tend to promote their own specific product.


In a traditional insurance agency, there is usually an agent who works with a single insurance company. They can offer guidance and advice on products their company sells, but they are limited to only the products their company offers.


Independent insurance agencies give you the ability to work with knowledgeable agents who can offer you expert, unbiased advice that is responsive to what you need, rather than what product they have to offer. They can provide multiple quotes for you at once, so you don’t have to reach out to different companies. With an independent agent, it is a case of getting the best of both worlds.

How Can An Independent Insurance Agency Save You Time And Money?


Independent insurance agencies do the shopping for you.


They collect your information and work directly with their partner companies. After receiving quotes, they work with you to determine which company or companies best meet your insurance and budget needs.


Over the long-term, independent insurance agencies can also do periodic reviews of your policies to ensure that you are still getting  the best coverage to protect you and your family.


They can also make sure that your rates remain competitive when compared with their partner companies.

What Happens After You’ve Moved To An Independent Insurance Agency?


The agency is now your primary resource for information on your policies. Your agent can address customer service concerns and work as an advocate on your behalf to the company. If you need to file a claim, your agent can help, just like any other agency.

Value of an Independent Insurance Agent


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